City Campus

The community builders behind The Commons, Solaris, and The Neighborhood are coming together to fund more social and community infrastructure in the heart of SF – Hayes, Alamo & Duboce.  

We imagine an inter-generational and diverse campus where you can:

  • get to know your neighbors
  • find and pursue your life's work
  • meet inspiring collaborators
  • live, eat, and work near friends
  • raise kids in community
  • explore your intellectual and creative curiosities
  • engage in local civic and social life

...all within a 15-minute walk.

But we need more social infrastructure and public forums to engender these connections and strengthen social fabric.

That's why as a nonprofit (501c3 status pending) fund, we're raising $750K to create a new major space, experience, or service every 6 months for 2 years. We’ll recoup and reinvest the capital within 4 years.

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