Thank you for considering a philanthropic investment in City Campus.

Your impact

We aim to build an engine that continually catalyzes new community infrastructure at favorable terms because we’re a nonprofit.

Our mission is to catalyze new community infrastructure on the level of The Commons every 6 months and to continually recycle capital. When any project returns its loan, we'll reinvest that capital into other projects.

As a benchmark, The Commons cost $150K to start. If that were a minimum-interest loan, they would have paid it back in 2.5 years.

Therefore, we’re raising $750K, which will cover investments every 6 months at that level for 2 years, plus 20% overhead (community building is a lot of work!). We'll invest and recycle that capital within 4 years, enabling us to repeatedly kickstart local community infrastructure.

How to donate

We're a 501c3 and your donations are tax-deductible. To donate, send a wire to:

Routing #: 091311229

Account #: 202471468427

Address: 651 North Broad Street, Suite 201 Middletown, OH 45042

Our investment strategy

We'll invest in local leaders with minimum interest loans of $10-150K and 1-5 year terms. We'll support grantees by promoting them to our platforms and our communities and sharing best practices. Our board is targeting 40 hours/month of help for grantees.

Grantees should have meaningful evidence of both community demand and the determination of the founding team.

To see the types of projects we're especially interested in funding, see our Apply for Funding page.

Donation tiers

To realize our vision, we’re raising from strategic philanthropists and donors that are excited about reproducing the vibes of a university campus, but for all generations, in the heart of San Francisco. We're seeking both recurring donations and large gifts.

Each tier includes all prior tiers.

$5K gift or $2K/year: Friend

—Put your name on our front page

—Invites to Neighborhood futurism unconferences

—Membership at The Commons

$25K gift or $10K/year: Supporter

—We’ll add your dream space to the Apply for Funding page

—Meet with Jason & Brian to help you build a cohousing community

$100K gift or $40K/year: Patron

—Access to startup deal-flow

—Priority allocation in real estate fund

Larger: Visionary

—We’ll earmark your funds for your dream space

—We’ll name the space after you

To donate, click here for an email with wire details (or, schedule a meeting with the founders).

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